Aluminum Foldable Pull Push Electric Golf Trolley with Remote Control

 Aluminum Foldable Pull Push Electric Golf Trolley with Remote Control

Model No.︰X2R

Brand Name︰Abtrolley

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

X2R remote golf trolley(lithium battery, tubular motors)
1. Golf trolley Light weight --- aluminum frame
2. Golf trolley Amazing wave shaped, easy to fold,unfold and store
3. Golf trolley Handle height adjustable
4. Golf trolley New rubber Hot wheels. Slightly press to quick release
5. Golf trolley Safety starting, run only operating on speed controller
6. Golf trolley Unqiue speed memory function
7. Golf trolley 150 meters remote control distance
Golf trolley Full dimensions (mm): 1,100 x 600 x 930
Golf trolley Folded dimensions (mm): 900 x 580 x 300
Golf trolley Carton size (mm):820*600*280
Golf trolley Weight (With lithium Battery): 11 KGS
Golf trolley Max speed: 8km/h
Golf trolley Max load capacity: 30kgs
Golf trolley Climbing capability: 20 degrees
Golf trolley Average running distance per charge: 20km
Golf trolley Motor power: 180 W *2
Golf trolley Battery: 24V/10AH
Golf trolley Battery charging time: 5-8h
Golf trolley Charger (use times) : >= 1200 Times
Golf trolley Qty./20"Container : 202 PCS Qty./40"Container: 405 PCS

Tech Data:

Electric System


Battery: 24V/10AH Lithium Battery

Recharge time:6-8h

Motor:24V/ 2 x 200W tubular motor

Distance per charge: 36 Holes

Controller: waterproof Sealed metal controller

Climbing Capacity:20 degree


Carrying Capacity:40KG


Remote Range: 80-100yard



Net Weight(without battery):11KG

New scorecard holder (with box)

Normal Dimension:81*60*94CM

Umbrella holder

Folded Dimension:81*60*33CM

GPS holder for I phone

Carton Dimension: 85x28x60CM

Trolley bag

Quantity for 1*20FT :189pcs

Rain cover

Quantity for 1*40FT :392pcs

Wheel cover

Quantity for 1*40HQ :448pcs

Luxury leather handle

Standard parts

Standard color

24V/3A Smart Charger

Silver, black, white

Lightweight 24V/10AH lithium battery

Option color

Waterproof battery bag

Grey, blue, red or customer made color.

Detachable rear wheel

Minimum order request 30pcs one special color


1. High Tech Aluminum alloy Frame with Stainless Steel Components and Titanium Finish 

     Light Weight, Durable & Best looking in the Industry! (stainless steel & black finishes also available)

2. Powerful, Noiseless Motor 

     Two powerful 360W DC motor operates in stealth mode up to 8 mph!!!

3. Rear Wheel Drive 

     Does not lose traction uphill nor does it spin the front wheel while lifting or turning unlike with 

     all front wheel drive caddies. Beware of front wheel drive caddies which also have the motor 

     weight that needs to be lifted every time you turn!! Golf Caddy is smartly designed as 

     an electric golf push cart and not just a retrofitted push cart! 

4. Manual seamless Rheostat Speed Control with Battery Charge Indicator 

     You Set the Pace and X2R Wont Jump or Get Away Like Other Power Carts

5. Cruise Control Button 

     Press this Button after you stop and your Golf Caddy automatically goes back to your regular 

     speed, so no need to readjust! 

6. Light Weight and Efficient Battery 

     Sufficient for a minimum of 36 Holes on a Full Charge! Long Life & High Quality Battery.

     Beware of anything less (charger included)!!

7. High Tech Composite, Rubberized Front and Wide Track Rear Drive Wheels 

     With Magnesium Style Rims for Easy Maneuverability and Superior Traction  Smooth Turning,

     great Traction on wet Inclines and NEVER left out on the Course with a Flat Tire!

8. Remote Control

     Emergency Brake: The red button in the middle of the directional arrows is the emergency brake.

     Timer: 10, 20, 30 yards

     Forward Arrow: Pushing the forward arrow will set the caddy in forward motion.

     Left Arrow: initiates left turns. When the arrows are released the caddy stops turning and continues straight with the

                         original speed prior to turning.

     Right Arrow: same as left arrow function.

     Backward Arrow: Pressing the back arrow will set the caddy in backward motion.

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